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Considerable Factors

This optometry website design factors will help your website to get in to customer’s mindset, rank in SEO, build your brand identity, add value to your product.

Your domain name

Choose a short, memorable domain name that reflects your brand

Your site design

Make sure your site is responsive (mobile-friendly), easy to navigate, and visually appealing

Your content

Write compelling content that informs and educates potential patients about your services.

Your calls to action

Include strong calls to action on every page to encourage visitors to take the next step, (appointment,signing up, call, mail...)

We EyeCatch provide you

EyeCatch is an end-to-end Web development agency, focusing on designing and engineering today’s mobile-first businesses and new ventures. We treat every project as if it was our own, and our process ensures we build products that create measurable value on time and on budget.

Our Marketing oriented veteran team of strategists, designers and developers have deep experience across various fields.


We understand our client partners have a reputation to protect. We don’t “farm out” projects, and we don’t cut corners. We do value speed, and efficiency, and we approach projects with a “lean” methodology, but we thoroughly detail every step and we’re stringent about our product testing. We have tight controls over the products we create, and we don’t launch until all boxes are checked.


We go to extra lengths in order to solve problems our clients are facing, beyond just the digital technology execution. We often have a seat at the table to help advise, guide or otherwise be useful to make sure the projects and products are successful. We treat our clients like true partners, and we root for them all the way through. Your success is our success.

Website Maintenance

With EyeCatch Web Design, we continue to walk with you long after we have developed your site. We are always available to answer any question you may have and offer customer services. In case you need to update your site, we’ll give you a clear outline of how to go about it.

Trust & Transparency

We foster an environment that allows our team to be honest and open with our client partners, creating a family-like environment that breeds positive results through collaborative decision-making.


We’re a team of positive-minded folks, but we’re not grandiose or unrealistic. We believe in redirecting possible issues into productive solutions. There’s never just one answer, but there is always at least some answer, and by committing to steering a calm presence, we always end up on the right side with our client partners.

Responsive Website Designs

At EyeCatch Web Design, we understand that customer reach takes place in all devices with a small or big screen. We design and develop websites that are accessible from any device regardless of the screen size. So whether your customer is using a desktop or mobile phone, rest assured that they will only view your site. We ensure there will be no need to develop a separate app to fit small-screened devices.

Recent projects

Completely synergize resource and building relationships via niche markets. Professionally cultivate one-to-one customer service.

Stylish Makeup Artist

E - Business Card - Personal

Print on Clothes

Digital Printer

Power Solutions

Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to design a new company webite?

Web design projects vary immensely. Each web development project has different requirements for instance the required number of pages. The time taken to design and develop your website depends on the goals, functionality, size, complexity, and design of your websites.

What if I don't completely know what I need on my website yet?

We understand that working through your ideal website idea is challenging. At EyeCatch, we ensure you have the best of the best by your side. We’ll help you choose something that best matches your business needs and objectives.
During the redesign and development phase, the appearance of the site might change. Even then, we’ll ensure you are aware of each undertaking.

How can our business website appear higher in Google ranking?

If you have a website that has been running for a couple of months however it’s not ranking, then it may be time you considered SEO optimization. For this, contact our experts to share with you some reviews and insights on how to rank higher in search engines with the right SEO tool.

We want a site that is easy to change and update ourselves. Are EyeCatch websites easy to update?

We understand that each business is unique. As such, we ensure the websites we create have their own Content Management System (CMS) which is highly secure and requires a password.
The development system is easy to use and allows one to add pages, content, blog entries, manage store inventory, mailing lists, customer orders, graphics, etc

Additional web development services that we offer

When you need professionalism in photography, EyeCatch Web Designs and development has your back. We are highly qualified to help you meet your business site development needs and goals. We have the right tools to get the job done.

Why Choose Us?

We provide the most user-friendly service for you to develop your website with the best user-experience design. You can come up with an idea, design plan or we are open for discussion to help you to develop your desired website efficiently.

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